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Video chat dating on your phone!

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Rapid Dater - The Future of Dating

Welcome to Rapid Dater, where video chat revolutionizes dating. Forget endless swiping and superficial profiles. With us, experience genuine connections through live interactions, eliminating the guesswork of text chats and ensuring chemistry before the first date. Our balanced user base promotes an equitable dating environment, making every match meaningful. Dive into a world where first impressions are real and connections are instant. Say goodbye to traditional dating frustrations and hello to meaningful matches with Rapid Dater. Join us now to be notified about the release and discover the future of dating, where your next great connection is just a video chat away!

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Step 1: Sign up for a session

Sign up for a session scheduled according to your location, and we'll alert you when it's time for your Rapid Date to begin.

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Step 2: Video chat

As your Rapid Date session begins, you'll enter a video chat where you'll connect with 3 individuals, engaging with each for 5 minutes.

How It Works 1

Step 3: Rate your rapid date

Following each video chat, you have the option to rate your interaction with a simple Yes or No. A mutual Yes from both parties is a match.

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Step 4: Text chat

Once the rapid date session concludes, you can engage in text chats with anyone you've matched with.

With Rapid Dater you get...


Real people instead of fake profiles

With our video chat dates, you can connect with genuine people in real-time, experiencing their authentic selves firsthand. No more guessing games or disappointments - what you see is truly what you get.


Instant chemistry instead of soulless text-chats

Experience a whole new level of meaningful connections. Instead of writing text messages for weeks, our app allows you to engage in live video conversations, where you can assess chemistry and communication style instantly.


Efficient dating instead of endless swiping

No more wasting hours swiping through profiles or exchanging endless messages. With video chats, you can quickly assess if there's a spark worth pursuing - all in a fraction of the time.


Relaxed dating instead of stressing about meeting

Our app creates a relaxed environment where you can get to know each other without the stress of real life encounters. Take your time, enjoy the conversation, and let the connection unfold naturally.

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